This is my process:
  • Free informal chat
  • Initial Consultation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Commence Treatment


Initial consultation
I use this time with you to understand what it is you need, to explain the modern view of hypnotherapy and how together we will use it to help. This can include a short trance session. This is entirely without obligation. It is vital that you feel comfortable with me and understand that hypnotherapy is a collaboration in which we work together on the issue or goal you have in mind. If both of us feel that we can work together, we can then agree an initial treatment plan.

Treatment Plan
The number of sessions required varies depending on the person and the treatment needed. To quit smoking, for example, one double session is usually sufficient. More chronic or demanding circumstances may require six to ten sessions, possibly more. In this case the treatment is developed over the first two to three sessions, being carefully fitted to you and your individual needs.

This can make a profound difference in effectiveness of your treatment compared with working from pre-written ‘scripts’ or commonly available language patterns. I use scaling (simple questions) to keep track of progress with you. Our aim is to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible through specific, individual focus and a solution-oriented approach. I also have the facilities and knowledge to create high quality recordings tailored to you personally, which can greatly assist the process.