I’m asked these questions fairly often:

  • What is the symbol in the header picture?

Will I lose control?

Not at all! On the contrary you will be encouraged to be more in control of your own mind and yourself.

Is trance a power of the hypnotist?

Nope. It is a state we all go into with remarkable regularity, which we can intensify and use to help change things that the client wants to have changed. Examples include phobias, fear, stress, depression, etc. The power involved is your own. This works because in trance we can access the subconscious and speak directly to it.

Why “High End”?

I expect to help you move towards the high end of the well-being spectrum.

To do that we consult with you carefully over what you want to do, explain what is possible and what may be possible, and then work out a treatment program that is specifically tailored to you.

This does not necessarily mean more expensive as we expect this approach to be more effective.

Hypnosis is a natural state

Since the mid-90s with the development of MRI and PET scanning we have been able to observe brains activity in people in trance as well as people in REM sleep and have established these are fundamentally the same states. We also know that we move in and out of REM or trance states very frequently depending on what we are doing. So yes trance or whatever we wish to call it is a natural state. The hypnotherapist’s skill lies in being able to collaborate with the client to deepen that state and to direct it so that useful work can be done on the problems or goals the client wishes to address.

Does a service via web or phone really work?

There are some differing opinions on this but generally it is thought “face to face” is better. I don’t necessarily agree with this. I would say it is different and has its own advantages. It is, in my view, much easier for many people to feel safe in approaching discussion of their problems and trance itself from their home or chosen location than in a therapists consulting room. (We do have one for clients who elect to visit). More prosaically, but no less importantly, it allows people who travel a lot or who have busy schedules to receive treatment they otherwise would not be able to have whilst retaining a continuity of discussion with the therapist. I prefer to work with a video link for the rich visual cues it provides both ways but have nonetheless been successful in conducting telephone sessions where the need has arisen.

How long does it take

I find a session length of 50 minutes to be ideal including trance time (20 – 30 minutes). Weekly is a good period of repetition and use of the recording at night when going to sleep is invaluable. The number of sessions required may vary depending on what you want to treat or achieve. It could be as little as six or twelve or many more. Professional athletes for example may benefit from repeated sessions over an extended period.

Can I try it out

YES, just download the free recording via the link below or to the roght, sit back, relax and try it out…. This recording must NEVER be played in a moving vehicle
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What is the symbol in the header picture?

The symbol expresses how reality is actually curved and flowing and fungible–and yet has rhythm and shape and direction. It is not linear and is about total systems – like our minds.


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