Hypnotherapy for the Legal Profession and their Clients

Legal Stress? Need more detailed recall? Need to reduce anxiety and panic?   The understanding of hypnosis has come a long way since the mid-nineties. It was then that MRI and PET scanning enabled us to finally lay to rest the claim that there is no such things as a hypnotic trance. As is typical […]


Liminal Thinking, Principle 6 and Hypnotherapy

“Liminal Thinking is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping, and reframing beliefs.” ( http://liminalthinking.com/ ) This is Dave Gray’s summary of the elegant conceptual structure he has assembled in order to help anyone who wants to create change have a greatly improved chance of succeeding. Change remains one of the most problematic areas […]


Mindfulness and Hypnosis

It has been an interesting week. Several people have mentioned hypnotherapy to me in the same breath as saying “Oh I already practice self-care using mindfulness”. I think that’s great and if the practice produces good results then I will cheer along with everyone else. However a simple meditative practice is not the same as […]


Enhanced Performance for Business

Hypnotic trance is a natural state we usually drop in and out of 70 or so times a day. MRI & PET scanning show it is very similar to REM sleep. If you daydream, you’ve been in trance, if you’ve driven somewhere and not remembered the journey then ditto. The brain actually uses more energy […]


Treatment that Travels with You

When setting up High End Hypnotherapy I went to a lot of trouble to set up and prove the efficacy of remote hypnotherapy across distances and time zones. I successfully completed a number of treatments using this method and fine-tuned the approach. In my experience the results of remote hypnotherapy are every bit as good […]


Hypnosis the Universal Solvent

So there you are reading the leaflet or website list of ailments that hypnotherapy can help with and if you’re sensible a small alarm bell might well be ringing. Typically, treatments claiming to fix everything from depression to gout and infertility have been associated with bottles of extravagantly labelled ‘medicine’ being sold from the back […]


Consciousness; the Next Competitive Advantage

Ever found yourself sitting in another performance improvement meeting listening to a “sensei” discussing how to reduce waste or error by another Sigma and wondering if it is only you who secretly thinks “have these guys heard of the law of diminishing returns”? It seems to be a trope in contemporary business management thinking that […]

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The Chasm of Stated Intent and Practice in Business

  When I was studying for my MBA one of the things that really interested me was the idea of evidence-based management and evidence-based policy. What I found particularly interesting was that it was necessary to actually suggest it as a discipline. Like many other ideas I came across in studying management thinking it struck […]


Change Management and Trance States

  In my first blog on hypnotism and business I tried to explain some of the basic realities underlying our new understanding of trance and its similarity to the REM (rapid eye movement) states experienced during sleep. In this article I would like to go a little deeper into the structure of the brain and […]


Hypnosis and Business

“Hypnosis and business” I hear you say dubiously “and how does that work?” “I can’t see hard headed business people being the least bit interested in something like hypnotherapy. Just the word ‘therapy’ would be enough to put them off with its implication that everything might not be absolutely perfect with them”. Indeed it is […]


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