80374I’ve been fascinated with the human mind and psychology from an early age. At one point, my curiosity led me to the book Hypnotism for Medical and Dental Practitioners, which I explored tenaciously.

I was nearly expelled from school for hypnotising my classmates in the lunch hour, but that brief experience did nothing to deter my fascination with hypnosis and altered states of consciousness more generally. I stuck with it.

My 40-year-learning path took me through a range of different schools of thinking around psychology and psychoanalysis, and a deep investigation of a number of different esoteric traditions.

The latest advances in neuroscience combine with metaphor to make it possible for me to offer an eclectic hypnotherapy service that combines a great number of different influences to create a unique and tailored service for each of my clients.

My aim is to bring forward all your inner abilities to repair and heal yourself. The work I do is unique, specific to you, and solutions focused. It will not take years of sessions to achieve results. This approach has been proven time and again to deliver remarkable results.

I am currently a qualified practitioner of Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy  having achieved my diploma with the prestigious and widely recognized Clifton Practice in Bristol.

Diploma in Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy

This will shortly be supplemented with the National Council for Hypnotherapy award the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma for which the full portfolio has been submitted.

My formal studies have embraced Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Art, Media, Literature, Computer Science, Systems Thinking and Innovation. I hold an MBA from The Open University in the UK.

I am insured and have a Disclosure and Barring Service enhanced certificate for working with vulnerable adults and children


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