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Diploma in Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy

Mike Parker here. I am a professional, qualified clinical hypnotherapist offering treatment for a wide range of conditions as well as promoting improvements in physical health and attitude. For example:

  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Performance related issues
  • Releasing creative energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Achieving life goals
  • Stop smoking
  • Chronic pain management

I also provide specialist Executive Coaching services and neuroscience based strategy and change workshops through Sysparatem

Usually 6 – 10 sessions are needed, though sometimes this can be shorter or longer, depending on our conversation and what you need. In the case of quitting smoking, for example, this can sometimes be done in one double session (approximately two hours).

Face to face services are provided online in any time zone via Skype or in person and scheduled to your convenience. The FREE RELAXATION RECORDING can be used between sessions or you may purchase professional quality audio recordings tailored specifically for you.

The techniques used employ your own natural ability to reprogram those things you may wish to by inducing a state of consciousness similar to REM sleep. In fact, all of us will tend to drift in and out of trance many times during the average day. So, while the practice focuses and uses this state for the client’s benefit, there is nothing Rasputin-like about it at all.

Acquiring the ability to put yourself into a trance  is just one of the benefits you gain from undertaking a course of hypnotherapy. As part of the course of treatment you will learn the skill of entering a relaxed REM type state when you wish. This could enable you to address subsequent issues yourself directly or become part of a simple self-care regime.

Watch my short introductory video, explaining trance and dispelling myths here 

On-line appointments via Skype are a specialty. 

Drop me a message to arrange a free informal chat about what we do and how we can help.

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