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“Hypnosis and business” I hear you say dubiously “and how does that work?”

“I can’t see hard headed business people being the least bit interested in something like hypnotherapy. Just the word ‘therapy’ would be enough to put them off with its implication that everything might not be absolutely perfect with them”.

Indeed it is hard to think of anything that would be more likely to make many business people cringe than the idea that they might be in some way deficient. However if insight, intuition and great solution development are traits worth developing then the ability to go into a trance state is a big benefit.

Since the mid-1990s it has been possible through the use of PET and MRI scanning to establish that the trance state is very similar to rapid eye movement sleep (REM).

Interestingly experimental work has shown that in trance and REM states the brain is actually using up to 4 times as much energy as doing mental arithmetic or other similar conscious activity.

On Einstein’s school report his teacher had written “appears to spend most of his time in a daydream”. We now know that daydreaming is actually a form of trance. In fact we tend to jump in and out of trance 75 times a day or so.

If you have ever driven home and not remembered how you got there then you have been in trance. We access REM states all the time for various reasons .It is clear that REM states are implicated in being able to use far more of the brain than is usually the case, in developing solutions to problems although this may happen at an unconscious level.

During sleep the REM state makes up about 20%. Part of its function is to neutralise emotional and psychological stress accumulated during the day. If a person is subject to too much stress this period of REM during ordinary sleep is not long enough to process all the stress, meaning that they commence the following day with their stress levels already partially up.

For people working in busy high-pressure environments, it is easy to see that the ability to allow themselves to sink into an REM state at will in order to reduce stress and rejuvenate themselves during the day will lead to better decision-making, improved health and welfare for staff and increase productivity. That is without taking into consideration the very real increase in problem solving and solution creation capabilities that being able to enter into an REM state can offer.

So when I say “hypnosis and business” and you look slightly sideways at me I follow it with “get informed and try it out. Business needs to be more conscious”.



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