Green and White
Hypnotic trance is a natural state we usually drop in and out of 70 or so times a day. MRI & PET scanning show it is very similar to REM sleep. If you daydream, you’ve been in trance, if you’ve driven somewhere and not remembered the journey then ditto.

The brain actually uses more energy in trance than in, say doing mental arithmetic. So there’s a lot going on. Trance provides us with a connection to our unconscious, both all the automated machinery AND the capacity of the vast intellectual resource that is the higher cortex capable of parallel processing at speeds that leave linear brain thinking in the dust. The source of those sudden solution flashes.
Einstein’s school report said “Appears to spend most of his time daydreaming”. Quite
This natural state can be enhanced in collaboration with a skilled hypnotherapist.

At the automatic machinery level it is possible to have very high degrees of control over autonomic functions, so experimentation has been done showing increased activity in the auto-immune system as the result of suggestions made to subjects in trance.

The use of hypnosis instead of anaesthetic has been known for a very long time, in trance it is possible to block nerve messages and major surgery has been and still is done using hypno-anaesthesia.
One focus of my practice is enhancing the ability of people to arrive at solutions to complex problems quickly. These might be functional problems like “How do we get the economy from Wall Street back to Main Street” with complex systemic aspects or they might be complex systemic problems involving the relationship between people in a team which needs to be a very High Performance Team such as in a start-up.

Reducing stress levels and opening channels to the higher brain’s solution capabilities is invaluable in these situations.

I’ve explored how consciousness can create competitive advantage here: .
The service I offer can help to substantially improve key human capabilities with a direct impact in speed of solution creation and realisation in reality of ideation.

One side effect of the Solutions Focused approach I use is that in reducing the contents of a person’s stress reservoir other issues and problems effecting them may also be resolved.

So I had someone come to see me for lack of energy. At the 6th session, as we went through a review of her week, she suddenly said “Oh and I’ve stopped grinding my teeth and the other day I woke actually feeling something other than just flat”. Apparently nothing to do with energy and completely unprompted. However, her energy levels did dramatically improve.
To conclude, if you want to improve performance of key people including yourself in what you are trying to achieve my booking page is on the website and the rates are attractively low compared to other types of service. I’m also far better at it than average.